Pheasant Hunting With Matt Tobin Of The Philadelphia Eagles - Video

By John Campbell, Reporter "Growing up, I did a lot of trap-shooting and stuff with my dad," Matt Tobin said. "When I was younger we did a lot of pheasant hunting. But there's not very much around anymore." On the weekend of March 15th, Tobin was walking the fields at the Highland Hideaway Hunt Club, helping raise funds for Aiming For a Cure. Tobin went from being a Hawkeye walk-on offensive lineman from Dyersville Beckman to a starter at guard. He is now in his second year with the Philadelphia Eagles. He tried to follow the Hawks last season, coming back to Iowa City for the team's win over Michigan on the Eagles' bye week. Tobin proved to be a dead-eye with a shotgun. He bagged "four or five" pheasants that day. The great outdoors are the source of Tobin's greatest conundrum. "I have two passions," he said. "I have hunting and football, and they come at the same time of the year. So I guess hunting's going to have to wait for now." Read more: